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10 Aug


Happy Hump Day! (can you believe it’s only Wednesday?)

This past week I had an AMAZING shoot with photographer Lauren Cowart & models Nyne Lyves & Millie. We did 4 different looks, which was so ambitious, but we got it all done & they are GORGEOUS. Two of the photos are below, but I promise more amazing photos are to come!!



I used a new tool I picked up the day of the shoot when Lauren & I went out to run some errands. I had heard of the Blender Ball – $19.95, but since it isn’t carried in the Sephora store I went to, I opted for the PRECISION SPONGE – $12 instead. This sponge is AMAZING! That’s the only way to sum it up. I used it with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and also with MAKE UP FOREVER INVISIBLE COVER FOUNDATION HD – $40. Unlike a brush, this sponge easily distributes all of the makeup evenly over the face & leaves it with an amazing airbrushed, glow-y quality. If you don’t have one – try it! I’ve been using it every morning on my skin instead of my fingers or a brush as I usually do.

Blender Ball

Precision Sponge

My next purchase will be the Blender Ball because I’ve heard great things about it.

**PLUS – This is cheaper than a foundation brush from Bobbi Brown or MAC (two companies that make my favorite brushes). **



12 Oct

It took me awhile to post this, I apologize. I’ll keep it real & say my blogging motivation went out the window for a second & I was on super chill mode. But I did go to the mall the day like I said I was going to. I spent 2 + hours (not joking) playing around in Sephora, and at MAC and Bobbi Brown in Hudson Belk.


givenchy light up

Givenchy Pop Gloss Crystal in Light Up $24

Take a look at the lipglosses down below with a brief description as to why I liked, or didn’t like, them.

C-THRU will always be #1 in my book though, no matter how long I search for a new favorite.


10 Oct

I’m on the pursuit of the perfect lipgloss today….



Yves Saint Laurent?




Bobbi Brown?




Urban Decay?

Forget about happiness, lipgloss is where it’s at! haha. But really, I’m on my way to the mall right now & will probably spend a good hour searching & I’ll be sure to post pictures of the lipglosses I tried & let you know if I found my perfect no lipgloss (other than C-THRU) … wish me luck!!


29 Sep

Time for a short story: I was very disappointed when I went into Sephora the other day& was searching for THE perfect red lipstick. I had been to MAC tried Diva, Media, Russian Red, Ruby Woo, looked at countless other lipsticks from other lines…blah blah blah.

Anyways. I found this in the NARS section:


NARS Lipstick in Scarlet Empress. OMGSH I HAD TO HAVE IT! I’m not kidding – you guys might be like, “what’s her issue, it’s just lipstick” but I fell in love. I tested it out on my hand it was the creamiest thickest deep red perfection ever – more so than the swatch above – I almost cried…so I’m excited. I’ve found MY red lipstick, right? WRONG!

Here comes the BEAUTY TIP part :

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS take the product you are going to buy (NOT the tester) and open it before you buy it.

I was with Erika and Kelcie and was insisting that the color was different. They didn’t believe me – because it did look very similar. Even the makeup artist didn’t believe me. So I buy it, knowing I’m going to have to return it but put it on my hand next to the “same colored” tester –> COMPLETELY DIFFERENT consistency& definitely not my perfect red! Now I can’t claim NARS does this on purpose – but they sent two testers to Sephora (I demanded to see the other one) and they both are this amazing red & I looked at all other 3 lipsticks on sale…all the dull semi-red kinda pink lipstick … if they do this on purpose they are WRONG.

I got my lipstick tho! I am very good with words.


26 Sep

This is CRAZY to me… According to Allure‘s website, Lauren Luke is the new “it” girl in makeup. She started doing makeup tutorials on YouTube and has 52 million views!!! That’s insane! Forget starting a rap career on youtube, maybe I’ll start making some tutorial videos soon…

I’m serious.

Lauren is set to come out with a new makeup line in Sephora stores on Monday, which includes 5 palettes which have lipstick, eyeshadow, blush, black eyeliner and primer. Each set is… WAIT FOR IT…….

only $27!!!

Take a look…

lauren luke

"My Fierce Violets" Palette

lauren luke1

"My Luscious Greens" Palette


10 Sep

Try this MAC Perfect Style Brush Set $125!!

Now instead of trying to shop around & wonder what brushes to get (if I haven’t helped out enough with that yet) just get the brush set. It comes in a MAC Signature Bag, the 187 Duo Fibre for your face, the 168 Large Angled Contour for cheeks, the 263 Small Angle for eyeliner (I have two of these & love them) & the 222 Tapered Blending for eyeshadow.


Also check out Sephora stores to see what brush sets they have available, they are less expensive, but I haven’t actually tried them out for myself.


24 Aug

I’ll admit I don’t wear eyeshadow that much…& if I do it’s brown, black, or gray. BUT I love the way some people rock colorful eyeshadow. But it’s easy to mess up. Here’s something on my hit list that I want to try.

If anyone has tried it let me know.

Makeup forever eyeshadow

MAKE UP FOR EVER EYESHADOW $19 – This eyeshadow has a high pigment density which supposedly makes it last a long time & give maximum coverage. The eyshadows come in  Matte texture, Semi-Matte & iridescent shades. I’m going to try a Matte texture because that gives maximum coverage & the most dramatic color – why not go all out?

These eyeshadows come in so many colors I can’t even count – I always see them when I’m at the Sephora stores but have never tried them. I’m going to & I promise to report back as soon as I do.

paintMACTip: I really love these products called Paints from MAC $16.50 – I have “Bare Canvas” & if I am putting on eyeshadow I use a brush and use a TINY amount and smooth it all over my eyelid up to my brow bone. It gives a really good layer for eyeshadow to stick to so you get more coverage from your eyeshadow (unless you want a sheer eyeshadow effect). I also have a green one – I think it was limited edition…? Not quite sure.