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21 Jul



19 May

Last Friday (Friday the 13th) I attended a pop up art exhibition – The Art of Fashion- at the Chelsea Room in the Chelsea Hotel. The beginning of the event was an art show with several top emerging artists who had their art on display & afterwards there was a fashion show in the same room.

It was a lot of fun to see different artists’ work & see how they each expressed themselves. There were abstract artists, photographers, & artists who used acrylic paint on different odds & ends, like an old door with great window panes. My boyfriend’s friend Ben was one of the artists on display & I absolutely love his stuff – I’m hoping to work with him on some shoots in the future. Ben set up his computer with a slide show of his art while he talked to the different art enthusiasts about his inspirations & how he went about creating each photograph.

The event was great (the wine was terrible) & it was nice  being able to see support local artists. If you’d like to check out some of Ben’s work click here.

PS. I know if my mom reads this post she will be jealous. My grandfather & grandmother were artists, as are my mom & aunt.


19 May


10 May

“It’s yellow, it’s ugly, it doesn’t match anything, but it can save your life.”

Oh, Karl!


9 May

Do you ladies remember this book?!? I found it during my most recent trip home to Maine. AHHH I used to LIVE by this book. Please please please tell me other people were obsessed with it like I was.

The Care and Keeping of You – American Girl Library

The Care and Keeping of You - The American Girl Library


13 Apr

Hi Everyone! I know I went MIA again for a little bit. I had a Smucker’s event with work & spent last week in Ohio. The weeks leading up to the event were crazy & so was the event week. I finally feel like I’m above water with my workload and can get back to blogging a little bit more.


I’m going to be writing for New York regarding Manhattan Makeup. I’m really excited to be taking on this freelance job & hope you all follow it! Examiner gets over 7 million unique views per month so I’m glad to be contributing. I will be sure to update you once I start posting on a regular basis. I’ll need all of your support!! 🙂


13 Mar

I got a text the other day that made my day.

This was sent by my good friend Whitney Garrison. We went to UNC Chapel Hill together & ended up in several journalism classes together. We partnered up on many projects, and she’s such a good writer! Anyway… this was such an amazing text to receive. I always encouraged Whitney to take time to herself and truly pamper herself when she was feeling stressed out. (Whitney is the type to put off papers – and we had a lot of them. But somehow she would always write these amazing final pieces even if she was up until 5am).

If you know me, you know I’m a huge fan of facials & homemade facials. I also love doing deep conditioners, & doing manis & pedis at home. These are only a few ways to take time out of your busy week and focus on yourself. I can’t stress enough how just a few hours each week can make everything seem so much less stressful.

Some rituals I like love:

  • I love to soak my feet, scrub them down & paint my toes
  • A glass of wine (Zolo is my new favorite – a type of Malbec)
  • Mini facials at home
  • Manicures (I’ll be doing a post on new colors I LOVE)
  • A good movie (The Notebook anyone?)
  • Rich moisturizing face cream
  • Fresh sheets to accompany your super clean, moisturized face