10 Aug


Happy Hump Day! (can you believe it’s only Wednesday?)

This past week I had an AMAZING shoot with photographer Lauren Cowart & models Nyne Lyves & Millie. We did 4 different looks, which was so ambitious, but we got it all done & they are GORGEOUS. Two of the photos are below, but I promise more amazing photos are to come!!



I used a new tool I picked up the day of the shoot when Lauren & I went out to run some errands. I had heard of the Blender Ball – $19.95, but since it isn’t carried in the Sephora store I went to, I opted for the PRECISION SPONGE – $12 instead. This sponge is AMAZING! That’s the only way to sum it up. I used it with NARS Sheer Glow Foundation and also with MAKE UP FOREVER INVISIBLE COVER FOUNDATION HD – $40. Unlike a brush, this sponge easily distributes all of the makeup evenly over the face & leaves it with an amazing airbrushed, glow-y quality. If you don’t have one – try it! I’ve been using it every morning on my skin instead of my fingers or a brush as I usually do.

Blender Ball

Precision Sponge

My next purchase will be the Blender Ball because I’ve heard great things about it.

**PLUS – This is cheaper than a foundation brush from Bobbi Brown or MAC (two companies that make my favorite brushes). **


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